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5405 John Eskew Drive
Alexandria, LA 71303

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Stacey McMickens

Owner, coach, mother of 2 rapidly growing teenage boys, wife of 1 very patient and supportive husband, endorphins junkie, loves epic challenges and the process of getting there.  Loves watching others transform their bodies, minds and spirit on their journey to "further" even more.

A few Accomplishments over the years:

Triathlete of the year, Red River Tri Club, 3 years
Louisiana female State Champ runner-up, 2 years
formerly South Midwest region “elite” ranked athlete
formerly USA Triathlon Nationally ranked “All-American”
Cat 3 Road Racing classification, ranked 4th in LAMBRA in 2008, ranked 4th in 2009, ranked 2nd in 2010, and ranked 1st in 2013.
LAMBRA Crit Champion 2013 and overall female champion 2013.
Competed in 2 national championship women’s road races

A few Credentials:

ACE certified personal trainer since 1997
Bio-mechanics in Strength Training- Cooper Clinic
Dietary Guidelines in Nutrition – Cooper Clinic
USA Triathlon Level II Certified coach since 2007
Art and Science of Triathlon workshop 2006 & 2008
USA Cycling Level II Certified coach since 2007
American Red Cross Certified Lifegaurd/CPR/AED/First Aid
Co-Coach of the Peaks Coaching Group power camps
Co-hosted Retul bike fit weekends with Stu Waring of Parvilla Multisport
Host of many training camps with organizations such as LSU Cycling and kids triathlon camps.
CEO and Founder of Fit Families for CENLA, a local non-profit organization promoting family fitness and bicycle safety.

Stacey McMickens instructs the following:
  • All Levels
  • Our All Levels class is for everyone and anyone.  Using our high tech equipment you are able to customize your intensity to get just what you need from the class on the day.  A first timer can ride right next to a professional athlete and both can walk away feeling like they had a great workout!

  • Join us for our TOP THREE picks for your fitness transformation!  20 minutes of biking, 20 minutes of TRX and 20 minutes of Yoga!

  • TRX for Beginners
  • You are new to using the TRX or just haven't don't it in awhile.  This class is your introduction!!  Welcome!!

  • S3 Athletes- Private
  • This is a private class just for athletes getting coached by S3 Training.  Team workout, eat your Wheaties!

  • TRX strength class
  • This 20 minute class will increase your functional strength by combining your own body weight with a suspension trainer to really maximize your transformation process.  TRX is the quickest solution to being light AND strong!!

  • Rookie Make-Over
  • FiXX is excited to offer a class just for newbies.  Need to learn how to use your gears, sit on the bike with proper posture or simply pace yourself????  NO PROBLEM, we want to help!  All ages are welcome to start their transformation from "rookie" to "rock star".

  • Turn and Burn
  • Turn and Burn is perfect for those cyclist who love a challenge (politically correct code for the "pain box") and who want to see a big boost in their riding performance.  Ride challenging courses and races, compete, measure your progress, and enjoy your new speed when you get back out on the road.  Your competition wont even know what hit them, it will be our little secret!