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5405 John Eskew Drive
Alexandria, LA 71303

7 Day Challenge at FiXX Cycling

Find yourself a little intrigued about FiXX??  Try us out for a full week...7 days of UNLIMITED BIKE, TRX, YOGA, TRIFECTA and BIKE VALET!  By the end of the week you will know for sure if we are the perfect fit for you.  You can bring your own bike or borrow one of ours for the week.   We can't wait for you to see what we can do for you! Need more info, call us at 318-308-6146 today!

TriFecta_iconSMALL TRX Strength Yoga Cycling

7 Day Challenge


Unlimited Cycling, TRX Strength, Yoga, TRIFECTA and Bike Valet for 7 Days!

(For first time customers only)

Only $24!!!  BUY NOW


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