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5405 John Eskew Drive
Alexandria, LA 71303

Individualized Coaching S3 Training at FiXX Cycling

FiXX Cycling is also the home to the S3 Training coaching services for endurance athletes.  Owner, Stacey McMickens, has been in the fitness industry since 1997, and has been a certified USAT Level 2 and USAC Level 2 Coach since 2007.  Stacey specializes in working with individuals who have specific goals and a real passion for improving their athletic performance in triathlon, running, road cycling or mountain biking.  If you want to unleash your true potential, be held accountable and get real results, individualized coaching may be for you.  Space is limited and not always available so inquire with Stacey for more information at Stacey@s3training.com.
s3 Training at FiXX Cycling


S3 Training Coaching Packages:



Silver Membership at FiXX Cycling

Gold Membership at FiXX Cycling

Platinum Membership at FiXX Cycling


Training Plan Periodization

Bi-Monthly Weekly Weekly

Private Sessions*

1 2 3

Group Sessions*

6 8 12

Athlete Phone Contact

1 Weekly Unlimited  Unlimited

Athlete Email Contact

1 Weekly Unlimited Unlimited


 15% Off Rides 20% Off Rides 25% Off Rides

Monthly Price

* – 2 semi-private sessions or 3 group sessions can be substituted for 1 private session.
† – Conversations initiated by the athlete. Conversations initiated by the coach are not counted.
Note: There is a 3 month commitment or a $175 start up fee (no 3 month commitment) on all packages.

Coaching Session Descriptions


Private Session

1 athlete, 1 coach session  

Semi-Private Session

2 athletes, 1 coach session  

Group Session

3+ athletes, 1 coach session  

Note: There is a 24 hour cancellation policy on all sessions.


Additional Session Rates

  • $50 an hour for S3 coached athletes
  • $75 an hour for non S3 coached athletes

 Coaching Session Categories:

  • Running economy analysis including video feedback
  • Bike efficiency analysis available by Compu Trainer spin scan
  • Swim stroke analysis including under water video capabilities
  • Nutritional guidance for health & performance
  • Periodized strength training program development based on weaknesses
  • Flexibility assessment and individualized routines
  • Bike fit (for increased comfort and power)
  • Mental training strategies and techniques
  • Motivation session for your breakthrough workouts
  • Lactate threshold testing for the bike or run
  • Power cranks session for strength and technique in cycling
  • Power testing and in depth review (your bike on our Compu Trainer)
  • Functional Movement Screen for optimal performance



Group Development Sessions:

  • Great for cross country team, swim teams, cycling teams, etc
  • Sport specific strength training (with a major emphasis on core strength)
  • Plyometric power drills to enhance speed and agility
  • $100 an hour for team development sessions
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