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5405 John Eskew Drive
Alexandria, LA 71303

FiXX Cycling Testimonials


"I love FiXX!!  I like the fact that I can ride safely indoors no matter what the weather is outside and get a good, quality workout either with a group or against the metal man!!  I look forward to improving my pedal economy / spin scan analysis.  I also like the TRX class - as a beginner - the intensity is just right."  -  A.H.  (Alexandria, LA)

"This is not like a typical spin class.  I really enjoyed it!"  - M.M.  (Alexandria, LA)

"Amazing place!  Great workouts.  Even for a beginner.  The wonderful thing is that you get to stay with the group no matter what pace you are going.  It gives you the group atmosphere and let's you ride at your own pace.  Highly recommended.  Everyone is nice and encouraging and extremely helpful."  - C.B.  (Pineville, LA)

"I like the Compu Trainer because racing against other bikes takes the monotony out of the season.  More than just a spin class, it is as close to a simulated road race as you can get on a trainer.  Awesome!"  - J.S.  (Alexandria, LA)

"With my busy schedule, FiXX allows me to ride different courses from around the world and gives me a super quality workout in a short amount of time.  I find myself more motivated to come and push myself against others and the metal man."  - S.M.  (Boyce, LA)

"The reason why I started using FiXX Cycling is for its convenience and the ability to keep a consistent riding schedule.  Normal peak riding hours are not an option for me since I have an active family with young children. FiXX Cycling provides a top-notch facility with first class technology and instruction.  It never rains, has zero traffic, and I can concentrate 100% on my cycling.  This is not a spinning class.  This is quality ride time that is enhanced with technology and instruction.  I can train on various courses, enabling me to receive the right training before a race."  - W.W.  (Alexandria, LA)
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